I specialize in two areas;

  1. helping people Set and Achieve their personal and business Goals
  2. Happiness; How to find it, How to keep it.

Setting and achieving Goals

From finding your life purpose, to losing weight, or getting a job. If you have a goal, I can help you achieve it.


How to find it, How to keep it.


I was looking for a life coach because I needed some guidance to take my business to the next level. I felt a bit stuck.  I instantly felt connected to Lynda because of her warm profile photo on her website. I was looking for someone local, since I was skeptical about online sessions, but after looking locally and not finding the same connection with someone local, I decided to try a zoom session with Lynda. From our very first meeting, her practical, to the point approach made it possible for me to start seeing results. The tasks she gives me are practical and have massive long-term benefits for my business. We have in the process discovered some emotional/personal issues, but I particularly enjoy the fact that it doesn’t feel like I am having a psychology session, but a personal business chat with a great mentor. I got exactly what I was looking for. 
Ingrid Marais 021 057 6362

Let’s build something together.

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