Personal Life Coach for Women

Your Journey Begins Here….

I help women find Happiness, Purpose and Balance in their lives

My name is Lynda Timperley and I am a qualified life coach, with a diploma in psychology, and a teaching degree.

The Goal of a professional Life Coach is to

Help you see where you are now

Help you see where you want to be

Help you bridge the gap between those two things

But How do you know if I am the right coach for you?

Do one of the following 4 things

1. Get a free copy of one of the workbook I use with my clients called “How to have better feelings”.

2. Read tutorials (Free)

3. Buy one of the various workbooks ($5) that I use with my clients

. 4. Book a coaching session and find out!


Most sessions are on zoom. However I am based in Hamilton if you would like a face to face meeting.


$90 for 45 minutes on zoom

$120 for 1 hour in person

Group prices vary.

Phone 0274755476 or

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