How to Have Better Feelings. Self-coaching workshop

Now Only $15.00

The aim of the e-book workshop is to increase the positive feelings and emotions you have in your life. Email me to order your copy here .

If you are struggling with a lot of negative emotions, or you just want to improve the level of enjoyment you have in your life, then this workshop is perfect for you.

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Module one/week one

Modules/week 2,3 &4

This workshop is designed for you to do, at home, over a 4 week period. It is full of tools to use to increase your positive feelings and emotions. These are tools you will be able to use, for the rest of your life.  

It will be sent to you as an e-book. So you can keep it saved on your computer, but I strongly suggest that you print a copy and work through it, week by week. 

It includes learning material to read and exercises to do. Plus there is a task to do every day, that will help you practice the things you are learning.

Each week there is a different theme.

Week one: Our thoughts create our feelings

Week two: Thoughts, not things, make us happy

Week three: How to change your thoughts

Week Four: 50% of our emotions are positive and 50% are negative.

For a small investment of $80.00 this workshop could improve the way you feel for the rest of your life. Now only $5.00


“I was feeling really low due to a lot of personal issues happening. This workshop changed how I viewed everything. I could see that it was my own thoughts that were causing me so much pain.”  Ruth (nurse).

Do at home in your own time.

You will also receive, ABSOLUTELY FREE,

A weekly email on a subject of well being that will address issues such as:

“Difficult Relationships, Forgiveness, How to fight fairly, Overcoming overwhelm, Mending a broken heart, The power of words, and so on.

Feel Great !

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