Relationship Break-ups

4 Weeks from Feeling Awful, to Feeling Awesome!

This one month program is all about you. Getting you from feeling in pain, to feeling like you have control over your life, your emotions, your thoughts, and your future.

What the program includes:

  1. 4 individual coaching sessions. One each week of the program. Each session is an hour long.
  2. 4 workbooks (one for each week) called “Healing from Relationship Breakups & betrayal” . Week 1; Why we feel so bad. Week 2; the first step in moving forward. Week 3 and 4 are activities and techniques for releasing our pain and moving on with our lives. There are worksheets and practical exercises to do each step of the way.
  3. Videos for each workbook that discuss the subject for that week.
  4. A second workbook called “How to have better feelings” that we will be working through at the same time. this focuses on how we can manage our thoughts and change our feelings. It has one module to do every week.
  5. You have the opportunity to email me between sessions if you choose to.
  6. “25 practical things-to-do to get over relationship breakups” This is a list of things to do to help the healing process.
  7. A Forgiveness Mini-Workshop.
  8. Questions and answers from other people who have experienced a relationship breakup.

I coach women on how to find happiness and to achieve their goals. This program came about because I have had so many women coming to me with relationship break-ups. They wanted relief from the emotional pain and the feeling of being out of control, that a relationship break-up had created. I was able to use the tools in the program, to help them learn to manage their thoughts and feelings, so they were able to move forward with their lives again. And so that they could be happy.

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