Happiness, Purpose & Balance

How to Find happiness, purpose and balance in your life.

Do you have things happening in your life that are making you feel stressed, unsettled or stuck? I can help you change those emotions, so you spend more time feeling the way you want to feel.

Coaching 1 on 1, to Find Happiness, purpose and/or life balance

We all have feelings/emotions. It is part of being human. However sometimes we believe we are having too many negative thoughts and feelings.

The good news is that we CAN learn to manage both our emotions/feelings AND our thoughts.

When we understand how to do this, we can choose to have more positive emotions, and more useful thoughts. Our lives can be calmer, more peaceful, and more productive. And we can start creating the life we want, instead of just reacting to the world and feeling like we are out of control.

This technique for managing our thoughts and feelings is not a new concept, or one I can take credit for. It was invented by psychologist Albert Ellis in the mid 1950’s and is used, in some form, by many coaches and psychologist today.

Come and talk to me and see if it something that can help you create a life you love.

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Increase your happiness & other positive feelings

Self-coaching workshop:

How to have better feelings

If you are struggling with a lot of negative emotions, or you just want to improve the level of enjoyment you have in your life, then this workshop is perfect for you.

This workshop is designed for you to do, at home, over a 4 week period. It is full of tools to use to increase your positive feelings and emotions. These are tools you will be able to use, for the rest of your life.  

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The price of this workshop is currently on sale for just $15.00NZ (down from $80).


Working with Lynda has truly impacted my life. She has guided me towards some of the most important realizations of my life; How I unconsciously tend to make myself small to please others, and how present fear is in my life. Both of these I wouldn’t have seen myself. Her straight-forward, accepting, rational and compassionate coaching style made me feel safe enough to see myself from a bigger picture and accept my own limiting patterns. Just in a short period of time, since I’ve made a big progress in my personal relationships, perception of life and own self-worth. I recommend her coaching to anyone that wants to heal, transform, grow, create better balance in life, or needs to find courage to make a big decision in life. You are in safe hands. Alja.

Lets start creating a life you will love!

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