My story

Hi, My name is Lynda Timperley. I am a qualified Life Coach, I have a diploma in psychology and a teaching degree.

I am a member of ANZCAL (Australia and New Zealand Coaching Alliance)

My Story

At 21 years old I was a solo mum living on a benefit. I decided I wasn’t happy with the future I saw for myself and my child. I wanted to change my life.

I started reading self-help books, I went back to school, I got coaching and counseling when I could afford it. I took some action. I fell on my face sometimes. I got up again and tried something else. Slowly, step by small step, my life changed.

I had to learn to set and achieve goals, to love and respect myself and to think different thoughts.

Today I own two successful businesses. I have a wonderful husband, I have children and grandchildren I am very proud of. I have a beautiful home, a teaching degree, and so much more.

And none of this happened because I inherited a fortune, won lotto, or was lucky. It happened because I learnt to manage my thoughts, and change what/how I was thinking.

I work as a life coach because I believe I am really good at helping other people change their lives in a positive way. It is inspiring and exciting to help someone set and achieve their personal goals. Or to show someone how they manage their thoughts, which can change their lives forever.

We all need a hand at some point, to take our lives to the next level. Maybe for you it is to reach a special goal, or maybe it is to overcome something that is blocking you from achieving, or having, the things you want in life (happiness, a house, weight loss, a career, to grow your business, or a thousand other things).

When YOU are ready to for change, contact me. Together we can make it happen.

Kind regards Lynda Timperley


Lynda is such a supportive encouraging coach, helping me reach MY weight loss goal. She listened, it was important to me, she talked me through the humps  and when I became discouraged she helped me keep my eyes on the goal and keep aiming for it. And I achieved it. She read my food diary every week, and was never judgmental. The feedback she gives is always very thorough and much more than expected and as a coach she gives 110%. You are truly terrific Lynda, Thank you. Julie, (Business Owner). 

I was looking for a life coach because I needed some guidance to take my business to the next level. I felt a bit stuck.  I instantly felt connected to Lynda because of her warm profile photo on her website. I was looking for someone local, since I was skeptical about online sessions, but after looking locally and not finding the same connection with someone local, I decided to try a zoom session with Lynda. From our very first meeting, her practical, to the point approach made it possible for me to start seeing results. The tasks she gives me are practical and have massive long-term benefits for my business. We have in the process discovered some emotional/personal issues, but I particularly enjoy the fact that it doesn’t feel like I am having a psychology session, but a personal business chat with a great mentor. I got exactly what I was looking for. 
Ingrid Marais

Working with Lynda has truly impacted my life. She has guided me towards some of the most important realizations of my life; How I unconsciously tend to make myself small to please others, and how present fear is in my life. Both of these I wouldn’t have seen myself. Her straight-forward, accepting, rational and compassionate coaching style made me feel safe enough to see myself from a bigger picture and accept my own limiting patterns. Just in a short period of time, since I’ve made a big progress in my personal relationships, perception of life and own self-worth. I recommend her coaching to anyone that wants to heal, transform, grow, create better balance in life, or needs to find courage to make a big decision in life. You are in safe hands. Alja. (Life coach).

Thank you so much for your time Lynda, I found it really helpful. Definitely would recommend you . Jacob (Rental property manager).

I can see why you are a life Coach. You are really good at it! I got a lot out of our session. Rachael (Beauty therapist).

contact me now for your free first consultation.

Based in Hamilton, New Zealand, but with Zoom or Skype, I can talk to you anywhere in New Zealand.

Email: Ph: 0274755476

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