The Cost of Happiness

Research shows that happiness is something we can pass on to our children. We literally teach them how to be happy, by being happy ourselves. How much is that worth?

Think how much do we spend on coffee, smokes or other “treats” in a year? If we buy one coffee every day for $6, that totals $2,190 in a year!!

How much do we spend on mental health in a year? Often nothing.

Which one will give us the best results in our life, and make us happier? Mental health is going to last us a life time. Coffee, smokes etc, make us feel good for a few minutes.

We often think that buying a book for $30 is an extravagance. Or getting coached for $100 a session is a lot of money. But even if we get only one idea out of a workshop, or a book, or a coaching session, it could change our life forever. We might finally be able to lose that weight, or save for that car, or get our start up business off the ground, or be happy more of the time.

Even though I am a coach, I still get coached myself. And I am always learning something new. It keeps me growing.

Investing in mental well-being is never a waste of money.

Written by Lynda Timperley Btch, Dip psych, Cert Life Coaching

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