The Power of Words

There is real power in words. And some of the most important words we will say in our life, are the words we say to ourselves, about ourselves. What are the labels we give ourselves? Did we choose those labels, or were they given to us by someone else?

Up-lifting positive words, can change lives and empower us, and those around us. While toxic, negative words can literally destroy lives. We only need to look at bullying to see how cruel and unkind words can destroy a person’s self-esteem. Worthless, useless, ugly, fat, stupid, hated, waste- of-space. Having words like this used to describe us, can be devastating.

But often we are saying these very things to ourselves. We say things like, I am fat, my thighs are ugly, I hate my nose, I am stupid, I am useless. Etc.

Maybe someone said those toxic things to us and we have taken them on-board. Or maybe we have created those beliefs because we have compared ourselves to other people. Or perhaps we have listened to modern media, which wants to tell us there is something wrong with us, so that it can sell us a cure.

We need to tune in to what we are saying to ourselves, and recognise the toxic words we are using. Because there is no up-side to telling ourselves mean things. Nothing good comes of it. We cannot hate ourselves thin. We cannot become smarter, while telling ourselves we are stupid. Just like there is nothing positive that would come out of us saying words like this, to other people.

Positive uplifting words can make us feel loved, and beautiful, and smart. When someone says them to us, we feel great. We feel empowered. We feel confident. We have energy to do things that are constructive in the world.

We can start by saying these things to ourselves. Tell ourselves we are loved. Tell ourselves we are worthy. Tell ourselves we are beautiful inside and out. Talk to ourselves like we would talk to our best friend. And see how these words can change our world.

(If you would like to watch a very moving (and educational) video on this subject search “the power of words Sala Tiatia TEDxYouth@Christchurch. His story is truly motivating and shows just how powerful words can be to change lives.

Written by Lynda Timperley Btch, Dip Psych, Cert Life Coaching

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